About Us

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Our Journey

Venator started in 2011 as a pure software development company. In those first few years we focused on digitalizing and improving existing processes for our clients.

As the time went by, we started participating in digital product development projects which required us to interact with hardware devices. Seeing an idea in draft becoming a real-life product was very fulfilling and encouraged us to grow into a full cycle development company. This process also meant evolving into more than just an engineering services company. We had to expand our services to infrastructure management, digital marketing, and business administration.

Today, armed with experience and broad technical skillset, we're capable of turning ideas into reality while keeping the business side of the process in mind.

Our Values


We're aware that your ideas change and grow over time, so we strive to keep you regularly informed. Your requests and feedback are welcome at any stage of the development process.


We use the most innovative ways to solve your problem and provide you with the best possible result. Using the latest technologies enables us to provide you with solutions of outstanding quality.


We take every project seriously and tend to get deep insight into its processes and requirements before committing to it. You will never have to wait for your projects because we deliver ahead of time.


We provide full support after delivering your product and work with you intensively on ironing out any integration problems that may arise. Our support continues after that to make sure your product stays competitive and up to date.